To blog or not to blog...

In english?
en español?
¿qué hago?

When I started this blog I thought it would be a good idea to post my entries mainly in spanish and maybe a summing-up paragraph in english. But then for some reason I ended up writing it all in spanish.
A couple of months ago I joined IFB (independent fashion bloggers) ... such a great community!! Everyone is so kind and friendly!... and mostly foreign too. So I've had some positive comments about this blog, but they all agree, great images, seems cute and fun... but i don´t speak spanish!!
Ouch! so even like that some cute bloggers decided to follow my blog, even when they don´t seem to speak spanish! Wow!! Isn't it nice?
So now im considering on posting on english too.
I thought about writing and english weekly summary, or now really writing the summing-up paragraph in english... but it makes me wonder if that wouldn't end up being a bit awkard.
What do you think? Should I go for it? or just intercalate english and spanish paraghaps?

Va de nuez... Debido a los visitantes extranjeros que han comentado que les gusta este blog, estoy considerando agregar entradas en inglés. ¿Y que pasaría si intercalara inglés y español? quedaría raro? sería demasiado?
Se reciben opiniones... o mejor dicho: ¡por favor denme su opinión! jajaja


  1. Hola
    pues aunque te lleve más tiempo deberías hacerlo en ambos idiomas. solo cuida tu inglés para que no vayas a tener criticas por el idioma.
    saludos y me gusta tu blog...

  2. Gracias x tu comentario TG!!! Genial que sigues mi blog.
    Espero tenerte de visita seguido ; )


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