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Interviewing illustrator: Fernanda Soriano

May I introduce you to Fernanda Soriano, ilustrator and graphic designer, who is currently studying her Masters Degree in History of Art. You can find Fernanda on Instagram with her pseudonym: Snailey Pie. 

[Para la versión en Español de ésta entrevista da click aquí.]
1. LuceBuona:Thank you Fernanda for thaking the time to answer this questions for us. Can you tell us about your style? Which series or comics inspire you? Fernanda: Well, originally my style wasn't taken from any series or program, it just started drawing simple characters in my middle-high shool notebooks. I remember that all of them where drawn with circles and cylinders as a body, and their faces had eyes in the shape of a "9" and the nose with a shape of a "c".
For  some time I forgot about drawing characters, and then by high school I  restarted my drawing on notebooks while trying to redesign the style. Also, my admiration for American style cartoons returned, I would really pay attention to …

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