[Comics] Why I ♥ Agustina Guerrero

Agustina Guerrero
Estoy segura que en algún lugar de la gran gran red han visto alguna de sus tiras. 
Siempre tan chistosa y tan certera.
Ella es una diseñadora gráfica e ilustradora orginaria de Argentina, que trabaja desde España y que tiene como tema principal de su comic "Diario de una Volátil" los altibajos y anecdotas de una mujer contemporánea. Ya saben, las cosas divertidas, las situaciones incómodas o super vergonzosas, el lado feo de "esos días del mes"... ¡Me encanta! 
Agustina Guerrero is a graphic designer and illustrator from Argentina, who now works from Spain, and who is well known for her comic on  the ups and downs, and the many  happenings on the life of a modern woman. The funny stuff, the odd and embarrassing stuff, the ugly side of those days in the month...I love it!

<<"It's so good to have you near">> 

<"So...that's what the ovarian pain is like..">

<"There are days in which everything changes">

<"It's easy to distinguish those who are in love">

Además de capturar muy bien el día a día de la mujer moderna, me encanta que también es muy buena para encontrar práticas cotidianas de las relaciones en pareja, que son comunes, pero no por eso menos raras y chistosas. 
Besides capturing so well the every day of a modern woman, I love the fact that she is so good at pointing out things that happen on the couple's life, common stuff that may happen frequently but that are still sometimes weird and funny.
< "- Honey I'm going to the grocery store, need something?
- Yes, pads
- Sir are you ok? " >

Ví éste siguiente comic y sonreí inmediatamente, no saben.... ¡Me quedo el saco! así me pasa luego, y el galán se queda un buen rato "masticando" toda la idea que le desgloce jajaja. Un saludo a él..¡tan guapo!
This next comic brought a big smile to my face... You have no idea of how truth this is... I immediately pictured myself talking to my beloved other half, and who after something like that he remains silent as if he was going through all of it... hahaha. Oh how I love him! [Hi sweetie!]
<"I just wanted to tell you a little something I was thinking of...">

<" - Oh my love! How beatiful it is to wake up and have you by my side! Oh love! The birds are singing, the sun is shinning brighter, and the wind... Honey? Is there anything you want to tell me?
- Yes, brush your teeth please! " >

Me encanta su estilo, sus trazos y la cotidianeidad de sus tiras. ¡Buenaza!
I love her style, her drawings and the effortless subjects of her cartoons. You rock! 

*    *    *    *     *
Todas las imagenes fueron tomadas del blog de Agustina Guerrero, y solo han sido usadas para ilustrar mi gusto y admiración por su obra. 
All of the comic strips shown in this post were taken from Agustina Guerrero's blog, and are been used just to explain how much I like and admire her work. 


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