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Algunas de mis adquisiciones recientes (otras ya no tan recientes), en accesorios.
Accessories: Some of my most recent purchases -and a couple of them a few months old.

Me encantaron los anillos dobles, y no ... no son incomodos... y si, si puedo mover las manos.
I love those double rings, and in case you where also wondering, no they are not uncomfortable, and yes I can move my hands.

Este anillo militar lo compre poco antes de Navidad. Soy super mega fan de esa tendencia, no me importa que pase de moda, la seguiré incorporando de una forma u otra a mis vestuarios. Poco después de comprar el anillo compre los broches militares para ponerle a mis abrigos, vestidos y sueteres. Y fue hasta hace un mes que encontre la banda para el cabello que combina con los broches. Evito ponerme todo en un solo outfit, tampoco quiero parecer tienda de recuerdos de un museo jajaja.
I bought this military ring a little bit before Christmas. I'm a huge fan of this trend, I don't care if it goes out of fashion, I will still find a way to incorporate it on my looks. A couple of weeks after I bought it, I found the brooches to wear with my coats, dresses and sweters. And it was until a month that I found this headband shown on the picture below, it matches all but I avoid wearing everything at once, I don't want to look like a musuem souvenir store! Hahaha.

Este anillo lo compre a inicios de Febrero, ya saben, el mes cursi y demas. Ultimamente me ha dado por agregar anillos a mi inventario de accesorios. Siempre perdia los anillos, y salvo uno de plata que no me quito jamas,  el resto de mis anillos "reales" son de oro, asi que acaban quedandose guardados por que no soy mucho de oro. No me atrae tanto ese color, al menos no por si solo.
I bought this ring in the first days of February, you know, this korny season and all. Lately I've been adding rings to my accessories inventory. I would always lose the rings I wore, and except but one silver ring that I a-l-w-a-y-s wear, all of my "real" rings are gold, so they tend to stay home since I'm not much of a gold person. I'm not very appeal to it, at least not by itself.

Que tengan muy buen fin de semana!
Have a great weekend! 


  1. I love accessories- and I can see that you do, too! Nice choices- they suit you! :)


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