The Centre for Dreams

 first heard of Centre for Dreams in last February.Ever since my family and I have support them in many different ways, and this entry is my way to share with you one of their projects.

"The Centre for Dreams 
is a day program supporting adults living with a developmental disability. It is our mission to help our members achieve thier goals and dreams through academics, vocational, life skills and social skill training."

Project 101010 is dedicated to raising $300,000 towards a down payment for our Build a Dream Campaign. The concept is simple: ask 10 friends to donate $10.00 and encourage those 10 friends to ask their friends etc. It will literally take 10 seconds to ask each person, but the impact is huge! For more information, go to The Centre for Dreams website!

The Centre for Dreams is located at Markham, Ontario, an it is an organization born in a very special family.
Currently Centre for Dreams has a waiting list because they can not accept any more clients... they need a new home!!

Visit their website, learn more about this wonderful people and get involved!!
Who said that this world no longer has good people! 


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