Top 5: Levis ads

Que buenazos estan los anuncios de Levis. He visto uno padrisimo, la verdad ni siquiera se me habia ocurrido que anunciara jeans. Esos anuncios que te remueven los sentimientos sin que lo veas venir me encantan.
Levis has some very interesting commercials. I recently saw one that I really like. The truth is that I didn't even see it coming. You know what I mean, it was the kind of ad that makes you feel something and then surprises you by merchandising a product.

Aqui les dejo algunos de favs.
Here's some of my favs.

4. Levis + Brad Pitt
Suuuper noventero, y con Brad Pitt en todo su esplendor!. \ It's so 1990's isn't it? Who cares! Brad looks awesome!

3. Levis straight jeans

2. Levis + Gael Garcia
Me encanta la musica, y todo el mood del video...y sobre todo Gael! ♥
I love the music, and the whole atmosphere,  but mostly the handsome -and also fellow mexican - Gael ♥.

1. Levis Go forth
Este video es algo atrioticón, pero me gusta el mensaje en general.
Almost patriotic, but with a nice feel to it.

"Things got broken here, people got sad and left...Maybe the world breaks on purpose so we can have work to do..."

Que tengan buena semana   \  Have a nice week!


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