Spring, party-like-mood & Neon Neon...

" It's just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up, everything is f***ed..." said Fred Durst on Break Stuff song. But for me, today started with a completely different view.

Today "is one of those days", in which an irrational party-like-mood hits me.
Irrational beacuse there's no apparent reason for celebrating, no birthday, no anniversary, no nothing to all appearances.. Right, to all appearences because is no surprise to find something to be thankful or happy for.

So spring is here, that shinny sun told me so... well also the kids in costumes outside my workplace, and all those parents playing the horn disorderly on the avenue they flooded with bright colors, flowers and balloons awkwarly attached to their cars.

Earlier in the morning it seemed just a great day to benefit from the sun. You know, some nice and stilysh high-heeled-sandals, a fresh and nice outfit... well it just keeps getting better.
Call me korny, but it hits everyone once in a while. A feel good day is everyone's right on my opinion .
This mood calls for Juliette & the Licks music, for Garbage's "Cherry Lips", Foo Fighters' "Low"...but mainly it is such a great opportunity to listen to Neon Neon's "Trick for treat", which is actually playing on this blog ;)

Neon Neon guys: Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip
That song is so refreshing, it kind of gives me the chills, but mostly it makes me feel eager to go out, or just have fun.

So a day like this can actually come across in very unexpected ways, that uncertain intuitive feeling it's also part of it... love it!!!

Juliette Lewis

Have a nice day!!!


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